What’s the Volume of a Ford F-150 Pickup Bed?

Of course the 2013 Ford F-150 is the truck of choice when it comes to the heaviest of loads. It stands strong in the face of the most formidable job. Whether you’re transporting work materials, costly equipment or home renovation supplies, the F-150 keeps cargo safe and secure in the bed of your truck.

What is the volume of an F-150 pickup bed?

Knowing the F-150’s bed or cargo box dimensions can help give you an idea of how much your bed can hold. F-150 trucks are available in 3 cargo box styles: 5.5-ft Styleside, 6.5-ft Styleside, and 8.0-ft Styleside. The difference in style comes from the length of the cargo box.

2013 Ford F-150
5.5-ft. Styleside

This bed has 67-50-22.4 length, width and height (in.). Doing an intensive home renovation? This bed provides 55.4 cu. ft. of space, which is enough for two washers, two matching driers, and leaves  room left over for tools, extra parts and even a pile or two of laundry!

6.5-ft. Styleside

This cargo box runs 78.8-50-22.4 length, width and height (in.). If you’re getting your yard in shape for spring, you’ll be happy to know the 65.5 cu. ft. of cargo area will carry more than 7 large bags of mulch. Then, when it’s time to refuel, forget the delivery man; You can call-in and pick up 132 boxes of 16-inch pizzas in your F-150, with room enough for all the fixings.

8.0-ft. Styleside

The F-150’s 8.0-ft Styleside has 81.3 cu. ft. measuring  97.4-50-22.4 inches length, width and height. Whether for work or play, the F-150 minimizes how many loads it takes to finish a project. With the 8.0-ft Styleside, you can easily fit 196 8-ft 2x4s so you can finish your project in a breeze.


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