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The 2017 Ford Fusion Is Striking and Functional – Lexington, KY

2017 Ford Fusion
The 2017 Ford Fusion offers contemporary design with its stunning, sculpted exterior; it’s more than just design for design’s sake. Equipped with available features like smart driver-assist technologies and voice-activated controls the Fusion tells the world you know where you’re going. Beyond style New to the 2017 Ford Fusion, the LED headlamps...[read more]

The 2017 Ford Escape Grabs The Road As Well As The Eye – Lexington, KY

2017 Ford Escape
With a stylish interior and a bold, attention gaining exterior the 2017 Ford Escape grabs the road as well as the eye. It’s sports car-like handling, spacious back seats, largo cargo hold and available turbocharged engines give drivers the ability to ride in comfort while proving the power up to...[read more]

Millennials Are Buying The 2016 Ford Explorer – Lexington, KY

Glenn Ford is seeing a surge in SUV buyers as 2016 begins to take shape.  For over 2 decades the Ford Explorer has always sold extremely well. Nationally Ford recorded 115,228 SUV sales in the first 2 months alone. Which makes this the best start for Ford SUV’s in the...[read more]

Have a 2016 Ford Mustang? Customize It! – Lexington, KY

2016 Ford Mustang
One of the things I always do when I get a new Ford vehicle is customize it to make it mine…I mean really, really mine! If you own a 2016 Ford Mustang, then you've already customized it by your engine choice. Let's take a look at your first customizations...when you pick...[read more]