Be Calm: What to Do If You Become Stranded While Driving – Lexington, KY

You’re on the road heading towards your favorite vacation spot, and the worst imaginable thing happens. Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere with no immediate help to be seen. It’s dark and you’re not sure what you can do, if you can do anything at all. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is one of the scariest things ever, especially if you can’t get any help from any other friendly pedestrians on the road.

Fortunately, there are ways to go about it. Just when you think all hope is lost, there are actions for what to do when you’re stranded while driving. Take a look at these tips and store them in your memory bank for whenever you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament:

Don’t Leave Your Car

There are conflicting opinions on this. There are some people who think it’s best to stay by your car, and there are those who think getting away from the vehicle is the better option. Stay by your car, because you never know who (or what, if you’re out in the Kentucky wilderness) could be lurking around. It’s best to stay in your car and proceed to the next step.

Call for Help

Unless you’re in a very, very bad area that has no cell service whatsoever, call ASAP. Call 911 so that the authorities can get a better idea of where you’re at. The simple roadside assistance won’t be as much of help as the police would be. This will also help for the third tip.

Check for Any Available Places to Go for Help

A local gas station or diner are good places to start. Those people won’t seem creepy and shouldn’t be reluctant to help you. Plus, it’ll help that you can get a bite to eat or something to drink there. If not, just be calm, stay by your car and call for help.


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