What You Should Do If You Run Out Of Gas – Lexington, KY

Ford Fusion
There's no better time than to tell a story that's actually happened. I have been fortunate to not run out of gas in my year of driving. But, oh, there have been so many times that I've come close to running out of gas. I get so paranoid that I'll actually...[read more]

Explore Kentucky’s Wonders with Explorer

Kentucky Wonders
The ancient world had seven wonders, but modern Kentucky has many of its own. Whether made by nature or man, Kentucky is dotted with truly remarkable spots that are worthy of a road trip. And what better vehicle for your adventure than a new 2016 Ford Explorer, from Glenn Ford...[read more]

Pony Up! The 4 Best Ford Mustangs Ever Made – Lexington, KY

1968 Mustang
When you think of Ford, what's the first thing that usually comes to mind? It's got to be the Mustang. It's the iconic vehicle that gives Ford its edginess as a car brand and as a company. In recent years, the F-150 has become the trademark vehicle while the Mustang has...[read more]