What’s the Volume of a Ford F-150 Pickup Bed?

Of course the 2013 Ford F-150 is the truck of choice when it comes to the heaviest of loads. It stands strong in the face of the most formidable job. Whether you’re transporting work materials, costly equipment or home renovation supplies, the F-150 keeps cargo safe and secure in the...[read more]

2013 Ford F-150 Review

Not only is the Ford F-150 the best selling pickup truck, it’s an American staple. Converting a truck into a mobile workstation is nothing new to Lexington area truck owners. In fact, for the past 65 years, it’s been a way of life. Ford constantly works to improve the F-150’s...[read more]

2013 Ford Escape Review

The Ford Escape has long been a front-runner in the class of small crossover SUVs. So, it comes as no surprise the 2013 full redesign exceeds expectations. The 2013 Ford Escape is the top choice for anyone seeking pure utility from a compact SUV in the Lexington Metro area. The latest...[read more]

2013 F-150 Towing Capability

Ford is known for built-tough, American-made trucks. Ford is a name that workers in Lexington, and all across the nation, have depended on for over 100 years. The F-series has run over 60 years strong, so it comes as no surprise the best selling F-150 is the truck workers rely...[read more]