Ford Mustang: Kentucky’s New Horse

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Just because it is more fuel efficient, it does not mean that Ford Mustang Lexington drivers will see the features that make this model one of the favorites disappear. For a long time, people have known that a Mustang meant that you would not have the best fuel economy, but that all changes with the 2015 model. There are several options available with the model that you will love.

The Ford Mustang has always been a car with good handling, but the 2015 model gets even better thanks to its new rear suspension. The exterior is still the recognizable car that you love, while the interior has gotten an upgrade, which makes it more refined. While the look is what you would expect in a Mustang, it has been changed enough that it looks more aggressive. In other words, you get a great-looking car on the outside and a refined interior that will give you everything you could ask for.

The new model drives better, but reading about the experience is not good enough. To really rediscover the Ford Mustang, Lexington drivers need to take one for a test drive. The best place to arrange getting behind the wheel is Glenn Ford in Lexington, Kentucky.