Ford Fusion: Lexington For Families And More

Ford Fusion Kentucky

If you are looking for an excellent choice for a midsize sedan, the Ford Fusion may be able to help you make a decision. The 2015 Ford Fusion is already available here at Glenn Ford, and it is definitely a car that you need to look at if you are in the market for one.

The Fusion is a car that can give you a very distinctive style and great power, and at the same time some of the best fuel economy in the market today. Along with everything that you get standard with the Fusion, you can also get some of the latest tech features, allowing it to compete with any other midsize sedan in the market today. The turbo-charged engines are what give you power, and even with that you have a quiet ride and great fuel economy.

There have not been many changes from the 2014 model, but Ford Fusion drivers will notice the few differences. The rearview camera, for example, now comes standard. That small change means that the safety ratings for the Fusion have improved, even though they were outstanding. For a test drive and to get behind the wheel in the Lexington, Kentucky, area, talk to the professionals at Glenn Ford.