Give Them the Keys To The Car, Parents: Consider the Ford Focus with MyKey for Teen Drivers – Lexington, KY

Ahhh, it’s spring!  This is the time of year where school is getting ready for close down for the summer break, you can start planning your summer road trips…and your teenager will start asking you for the keys to the car.  Oh man, it can be the worst, right? You love your teen and know they’re a good driver, but let’s face it; driving is fun.  You can only hope they don’t become that teen driver: going just a little too fast with the music a little too loud as they head off to the movies or out with friends.  Well, never fear, Ford has come out with the genius that is MyKey, a programmable key that you can set to restrict certain driving behaviors.  Pair this up with a safe and economical car like the 2015 Ford Focus, and you’ll have no problem handing your teen the key on a Friday night!

You may wonder what kind of magical capabilities this feature has to invoke such heightened levels of trust in your newly licensed teen, but trust me, it’s beyond good.  Here’s the breakdown of the benefits of the Ford Focus with MyKey for teen drivers:

MyKey driving modes

Belt-Minder: This feature effectively provides a six-second reminder chime every 30 seconds and mutes the audio system until the vehicle’s front occupants fasten their safety belts. The message center also displays “Buckle Up to Unmute Radio.”

Top Speed Settings: MyKey allows you to limit a vehicle’s top speed at four different settings – 65, 70, 75 or 80 mph, with chimes sounding at 45, 55 and 65 mph.

Screened Radio Content: MyKey lets you block all stations labeled as “explicit” by Sirius Satellite Radio.

Earlier Low-Fuel Warning: MyKey provides a warning at 75 miles to empty, rather than the standard warning at 50 miles to empty.

Wow.  I almost don’t want to tell my husband about these features because I’m almost sure he’d make sure my car was equipped with one! (no, seriously you guys, I’m a terrible driver.  I freely admit it.) I like to think about the MyKey as a built in nanny-mode for your car.  There’s no way a teen driver is going to forget to buckle their seat belt if the radio will stay muted, that’s for sure! If you’re in Lexington, Kentucky head over to Glenn Ford Lincoln and see what the MyKey is all about.  You may be buying your teen a new car sooner than they know!