Ford F-150 Lexington

2015 Ford F-150 Kentucky

For a long time, Ford F-150 Lexington fans have known that this is the most desired truck, and the 2015 model continues that tradition. It is as capable as any other truck that you will find on the road today, and the extras make it a very sophisticated vehicle that compares to more than just trucks. It has even been described as more “car-like.”

Ford has decided to make Ford F-150 fans in Lexington and beyond even happier by giving them a truck that is powerful and has surprisingly good fuel economy. The truck is very comfortable for both driver and passengers, and it is the perfect companion for your off-road adventure. You will love everything that the Ford F-150 can do for you.

The changes being made to the 2015 model are very noticeable, especially if you have driven previous years’ trucks. You will notice as soon as you start driving that it does not feel as heavy as it used to. Even with all the power that this truck has, it still does not feel like a big, heavy truck, and that is because in 2015, the model got lighter. There is more acceleration, especially when you drive the 2.7-liter V6 turbocharged engine. If you are in Lexington, Kentucky, then you can test drive one today at Glenn Ford.