Ford Explorer: Kentucky’s Favorite

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Ford Explorer Lexington drivers have plenty to be excited about with the 2015 model. For a long time, the Explorer has been known as one of the most popular and reliable SUVs on the road, and the 2015 model does everything right so that reputation stays the same. Ford has given fans the upgrades that they asked for and in a big way; the features make it one of the top SUVs being produced.

The comfort that you will get from the Explorer will be as much as you could need. Passengers and especially the driver will be very comfortable. Only small changes have been made to the look of the SUV, which most people will tell you it is a good thing, because it is very popular. The way that Ford thinks about it is: “Why should you mess with something as good as the Explorer?”

The Limited and Sport trims are pretty similar; you can actually get more from the Sport to make it closer to the Limited, but that is with optional features. If you want to experience the 2015 model, then the best place to do so in Lexington, Kentucky, is at Glenn Ford.