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Biking at Lexington’s Legacy Trail

legacy-trail-lexington - Copy
Your 2015 Ford F-150 is the perfect companion for any adventure as well as on the job. Biking enthusiasts have so much to love about the 2015 F-150’s utility. Ready to hit the trails? Find out how the F-150 enhances your experience on outdoor adventures. Legacy Trail is ranked number 20 on Trip Advisor’s 124...[read more]

Today’s Tip: 6 Healthy Road Trip Snacks – Lexington, KY

I've always felt some of life's toughest questions often take place in the snack aisle of a gas station or roadside mini-mart: Cooler Ranch Doritos or Taco Doritos? Sour Patch Kids or Twizzlers? Where will this snack go straight toward, my butt or my thighs? I usually just say "eh, whatever... I'll...[read more]