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Ford F-150: Even the Box Is High Tech

2015 Ford F-150 Box Step
The Ford F-150 is known as a durable, customizable truck, and the new model offers a unique box packed with high-tech features. The typical truck bed hasn’t changed much since pickups were first created, but Ford aims to change this. The new box is packed with technology and convenience, making...[read more]

2015 Ford Edge: What’s New

When the Ford Edge first appeared on the market, it was a key element of the crossover utility segment. As such, its general design is based on a car as opposed to a truck, which is what you would find with a typical SUV. From the start, the Edge has...[read more]

Ford Focus RS: Coming Soon to Kentucky

ford focus RS coming to kentucky
Although the Ford Focus RS is currently in its third generation, the 2015 model is the first time it will be available in Kentucky and the rest of the United States. Previous generations launched in the years 2002 and 2009, and this new version available in the U.S. will actually...[read more]