Need to Buy a Car with Bad Credit In Kentucky? Let the 2016 Ford Expedition Take You On a New Ride – Lexington, KY

Let’s talk about something just to get it out of the way: Bad credit. Ugh. It happens to the best of us, because that’s just life. You may have had a great job, good health, and nice home, but life decided to throw stuff your way that just got out of hand; getting laid off, unexpected medical bills, maybe a foreclosure – and now your credit score is suffering.

But now you’re back on track! Your job is steady, your bills are getting paid, and… you need to buy a car with bad credit in Kentucky. Seriously, you need to trade in your old, battered, and not-so-dependable car in for a 2016 Ford Expedition in Lexington! The 3.5 L V6 engine will get you where you need to go, while the up to 16 city, 22 highway Expedition mileage numbers will help keep gas money where it needs to be – in your wallet!

I know you may be skeptical of this plan, especially if you’ve been turned down for financing from you bank, but this is where Glenn Ford Lincoln in Lexington has your back! Their always professional Ford finance team wants nothing more to see you on these beautiful Kentucky roads in your new 2016 Ford Expedition XLT! They’re bad credit assistance experts, and they will do everything they can to see what they can do to make sure you get the Ford credit financing you need, with terms that will fit your budget and help you establish your good credit again.

In fact, they make this promise on the dealership Glenn Ford website! Check it out;

The finance department wants nothing more than to see you behind the wheel of your dream car. Making sure you get the financing you need at a rate you can afford is what we specialize in. The Glenn Ford Lincoln financing department is here to answer all your questions and guide you through getting a great new car loan.

If you’re ready to start building up your credit score, head over to your Lexington Ford dealer and see what positive changes the Ford finance team can help you make! With the latest Ford Expedition incentives and new vehicle specials being offered, they can help you start hearing the words “you’re approved!” once again!