We Share a Very Famous Name: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Actor Glenn Ford – Lexington, KY

I was chatting with someone the other day about how great I think Glenn Ford is, and they looked a bit… nonplussed. It was only after I said something about an oil change that they asked if I was talking about Glenn Ford, the actor! Funny enough, there are quite a few unintended parallels between the two. Let me explain some fun facts about actor Glenn Ford that tie right into our iconic brand:

Oh! Canada

Glenn Ford, the person, was a Canadian-born American actor. Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited was founded on August 17, 1904 to create and sell these very American vehicles in Canada. Glenn Ford, the dealership, sells the same Ford cars and trucks that Canadians and Americans both go crazy for. Glenn Ford, the person, was born in 1916, and, during the 50s and 60s, Americans and Canadians alike went crazy for him. The parallels are spooky!

Long Career Trajectory

Glenn Ford, the person, had an active acting career that spanned over 50 years. Ford automobiles have been around for over 100 years. Glenn Ford, the dealership, is part of a large group of car dealerships owned by Billy Walters, a group with more than 20 locations across the country and decades of experience. You can see the experience in Glenn Ford’s acting, and you can tell the difference in the customer service you’ll receive at Glenn Ford, the dealership.

Unusual Situations

Glenn Ford, the actor, was best known for playing ordinary men in unusual circumstances. Ford, the vehicle, is known for being in movies with unusual situations – car chases, mostly. I’m thinking specifically of the movie Bullit, but the Ford Mustang is all over the movies. Glenn Ford, the dealership, carries these 2015 Ford Mustangs with EcoBoost engines in Lexington.

Super Heroes Abound

In 1978, Glenn Ford, the actor, had a supporting role in Superman as Clark Kent’s adoptive father, Jonathan Kent. Every day, the heroes at your Lexington area Ford dealership, Glenn Ford, go above and beyond to give you superhuman service.

Chicks Dig It

Glenn Ford, the actor, had a variety of roles with bombshells such as Rita Hayworth and Debbie Reynolds. Ford, the automobile, is driven by today’s bombshells such as Selena Gomez (who regularly drives a Ford Escape). Glenn Ford, the dealership, carries all the new 2016 Ford Escape trims, including S, SE and Titanium. You can literally drive the cars of the stars!


Coincidence? I think not! The fact that one of the best-known actors from the golden age of Hollywood shares the name of one of the best-loved automobile dealerships in Lexington, Kentucky can’t be happenstance! Stop by today to see which Ford vehicle will best fit your superstar personality!