5 Steps to Getting a Low 2016 Ford Fusion SE Price At Just $200 a Month! – Lexington, KY

Without knowing, you may have looked longingly at the newest Ford Fusion as it sped past you. With four doors, a six-speed automatic transmission and 34 MPG highway, the mysterious 2016 Ford Fusion SE is a powerful, eloquent vehicle.

Here are the five steps to getting into a 2016 Ford Fusion SE in Lexington for just $200 a month:

Discounts Count For Plenty

Right now, Glenn Ford Lincoln in Lexington is offering a dealer discount of $4,710 off the 2016 Ford Fusion MSRP. That’s a pretty good start on the 2016 Ford Fusion SE price. Follow up the discount with $2,500 in Ford rebates, and you’ve already gotten the purchase price down to a manageable number before you step foot on property.

Tricks of the Trade

Now that you’ve taken advantage of the recent rebates and discounts, it’s time to cash in more value. The vehicle that you’re driving at the moment may be worth more than you think. Not only is a trade-in deal going to help you get into a brand new, never before owned Ford Fusion, but it’s going to help your bottom line as well. Remember, the more that you can offer up front, the less you’ll end up paying over the long run. Click here to check the value of your trade-in online.

Down to Pay Less Monthly?

Everyone is down to pay less monthly. That’s down as in, “I’m down!” Down like a young kid hanging out with his friends at the local Wal-Mart, who’s “down” to go drink some sodas and watch other kids fall down pretending to skateboard. Down like… well you get it. The more you can afford to pay down, meaning at time of purchase, the less of a monthly payment you’ll take on. Take a little time to save up $2,000 to $3,000 and you’ll be cruising around downtown Lexington in your new Fusion quicker than Lamar Odom can spend $75,000.

Interested Yet?

Zero percent interest APR is one way to lower your payments. Don’t worry if your credit isn’t perfect, though, since there are plenty of options available. Click here to go to the Ford Virtual Credit Consultant. Here, you’ll be able to start the process that will ultimately result in even more savings. Just remember, the lower the interest rate, the closer we get to that magical $200 per month figure.

Long-Term Success

A 72-month term will give you six years to pay the entirety of your 2016 Ford Fusion SE price off. However, there are benefits to paying it off sooner if possible. Ultimately, if your goal is to have the lowest possible interest rate then you’ll want to stretch the payments out 72 or even 84 months. Perhaps you’re more interested in leasing than buying. In that case, you’ll want to check out the new Ford Red Carpet Lease deal at Glenn Ford Lincoln. Lexington’s finest Ford dealership employs some of the brightest auto finance professionals around. Don’t let the murky waters of doubt stop you from getting into a 2016 Ford Fusion!