What’s Not to Like? Check Out the 2016 Ford Fusion Features – Lexington, KY

Ford has come a long way in the last 10 years, just through its design alone.

If you need any proof, go look at a 2007 Ford Focus and compare it to today’s models. My first car ever was an ’07 Focus, and it’s still sitting in my garage waiting to get worked on. But the other day, I went to check out a new car and found so many Focuses from 2012 on.

They’ve come a long way. So has the Ford Fusion, and there’s a lot to like when it comes to the new 2016 Ford Fusion design.

Just look at it for five seconds and you’ll see just how great of a car this looks. Ford took an elegant, luxurious design approach and turned it into another piece of machinery that’s built to be great on the road.

Your greater Lexington Ford store still has plenty of 2015 Ford Fusions for sale in Kentucky if you’re not ready to make that giant leap to a brand new model. If you are, though, this is a perfect car to take advantage of based on its futuristic appointments.

Let’s check out the 2016 Ford Fusion features and see what they have to offer:

Five Engine Options

The reason why the 2016 Ford Fusion will be such a popular option is because of the different types of engines that will be available. The new 2016 Ford Fusion features five engines, including the eco-friendly Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid 2.0-liter I-4 Atkinson-cycle engine. There’s also an engine available for those who fancy performance and sport, as well, and I’m sure more details on that will be released at a later date, so stay tuned.

Heated Steering Wheel

You’ve heard of heated seats, both front and back, to keep your bodies warm during the cold, blistering winters in Lexington. But have you ever heard of a steering wheel? Well, the 2016 Ford Fusion is equipped with a steering wheel to keep your hands warm at all times. Now that’s a crafty idea that is nothing short of brilliant.

Active Park Assist

If we haven’t gotten to the point of flying cars, we might as well start with cars that can park by themselves. The 2016 Ford Fusion features Active Park Assist, a sensory feature that can help you parallel park your car. For someone who is atrocious when it comes to parallel parking, I could use this whenever parking near a curb.


Those are just some of the many new 2016 Ford Fusion options, and Glenn Ford Lincoln has them ready to go for you to see many more of said features. You can get one priced now at $18,500. Make sure you take care of this deal quickly!